07 February 2007

First Post

I decided that I need a tech blog. I spend all my time in front of a computer anyway, so why not right? Well, I've been using Ubuntu since July, starting with Dapper (6.06), upgrading to Edgy (6.10) the day it came out, and now I'm running an alpha version of Feisty Fawn (7.04) due out in April. Along the way, I've learned to fix some problems I've had, and I've read the forums enough to learn about problems others have, so I figured I'd post some fixes on here and some hints for cool things.

I strongly suggest checking out the forums and Ubuntu Guide (links are on the right) for things you need help with. The forums will answer questions pretty quickly (like, under 15 minutes). The Ubuntu Guide is great for getting all your multimedia stuff working in a jiffy. Also, for eye-candy, check out Beryl (warning: if you use ATi or nVidia graphics, it requires binary drivers which can break with kernel upgrades, there is no way to stop that because the kernel devs can't see what the driver is doing due to it being binary—older ATi Radeons have an open + 3d driver though).

I'm a mod in the Northeast Ubuntu LoCo Team forum. My hometown is Pittsburgh, but I go to school in DC. There seem to be quite a few mods from the Ubuntu Forums here. Brunellus and RAV TUX both live in the DC metro area, and we meet up now and then. Anyone who wants to meet up with us is welcome to do so.

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