19 February 2007

Should Dell ship Linux-preinstalled?

Dell just opened a new suggestion site. "Linux-preinstalled" is the #1 request! See it here.

Some have said it doesn't make sense because only geeks can use Linux and geeks build their own computers, etc. I just have to point out something. My mom. She is the least computer-literate person I've ever met. I mean, we're talking about holding down backspace to get a blank document in Word. Anyway, she never could figure out Windows. Oh wait, backup. In July I switched to Linux. We went on vacation and my brother and sister either could not access the outside world, or they had to use Linux to do so. So, they learned to use Ubuntu and Gaim. A few months later, my sister informed me that when she starts college, she wants a white book, no paying for Windows, and just use Linux. My brother said he wants to do the same thing. I was going to dual-boot Mom's computer with Windows so my brother could still play Sims, but I've never been too good at dual-booting after one OS is already installed (always partition first!). So, she ended up with a Linux-only computer. She loves it. It's fast due to lack of AV software. GNOME makes sense to her. Everything is in a category. That makes sense. In Windows, everything is divided by company. How is she to know if something is made by Broderbund, Microsoft, or Mozilla? GNOME is a simple enough UI that she has no problems with it at all. I've actually heard her tell a friend how much she likes Linux more than Windows.

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Kevin Mark said...

Hi Mackenzie,
Great to meet ya at UbuCon! I was googling to find this blog and found everything but. Go figure?! But now I can just read my usual blogroll. Have you introduce the family to last.fm?
ps. it seems I encounter many unexplained, eerie things in my travels. Here are a few: we have the same birthday, both use and advocate Gnu/Linux, advocate equal rights (go NJ), are liberal, like 'Madness' (the ska group :-) )and who knows what else.