23 March 2007

Feisty Beta is OUT!

I've been using Feisty Fawn since January (herd 2), and it's been reasonably stable throughout (with the exception of the way Beryl broke during the gradual merging of Xorg 7.2). If you want to beta test, go here for Feisty Beta ISOs. This is only recommended if you are not afraid of fixing random things that can go wrong, including X-breakage. I can tell you right now that cd-burning in Feisty is broken for a lot of people, including me. It seems to have improved in that it goes halfway through a burn before quitting, whereas before it would quit before it got started. That's using cdrecord in the CLI. K3B and GnomeBaker still can't burn at all.

On the other hand, there are a lot of new things in here. Wireless roaming via Network Manager is setup by default, and there are extensions for it available for things like VPN (something I'm taking advantage of). Laptop users should like this. There's also the new Restricted Drivers Manager

Restricted Drivers Manager screenshot

I'm thinking this might be handy for nVidia and ATi users who want to get desktop effects working and need proprietary drivers to do so. Speaking of desktop effects, Compiz is installed by default, and can be turned on through the System menu using this little dialog:

Desktop Effects screenshot

Finally, there is the new GNOME Control Center. You can modify any settings you want in here, the same way you would in the System menu, but with much larger icons (so if your eyes aren't so great) and in a way that will probably be more familiar to Windows users.

GNOME Control Center screenshot

So, anyone thinking of trying out the beta?


fforw said...

did you make that "restricted driver manager" snapshot? And if so, does your wireless driver (ipw3945) also not come up after reboot and sleep?
I had to write me a reset-eth script that does a ifdown/ifup on the wireless interface to get it to work after booting up. Even have to do this multiple times when coming out of sleep.. (on a Dell Latitude d820 laptop)

Mackenzie said...

Yes, I took that screenshot, but I haven't had any trouble with the driver. The wireless is actually more reliable than my wired connection. What version of Ubuntu are you using, and how do you connect? I use network-manager-gnome's nm-applet (been doing so since Dapper).