04 April 2007

10 Things You Haven't Seen in Feisty Fawn

OK, it's really titled "11 Things..." but one of them (screen rotation) is in Edgy. And given that I showed Desktop Effects and Restricted Drivers, it's more like 8 for my readers. Anyway, here's the link: 11 Things You Haven't Seen in Feisty Fawn.

I commented on there, but I'll say it here too. HPLIP needs a bit of work. It isn't detecting my printer properly (gives the right name, but shows all .ppd's that aren't remotely similar (laserjets?) to my printer (inkjet)). It looks like a nice program if I could get it working. I always liked how Lexmark showed ink levels (pretty sure none of my HP printers ever showed ink levels on Windows).

About that color tab, I like that. I now have red backgrounds on menus when I highlight (yay!), but I don't think it goes far enough. I want to redo that whole app to be more customizable. I know that goes against the GNOME way of doing things, but I'd like to make a full theme program. The current one lets you tweak a theme, but it has limits. Low limits. You get a few color choices for each theme, but that's not enough if you want to go far off from what's there or you want to make your own full new theme. If you want to do that, well, right now you're coding XML (hint: even if you know how, not fun). I think that color tab is a step in the right direction, but I'd like to see more parts of the theme be customizable. I applied to Google's Summer of Code to make a theming program for GNOME, so we'll see how that goes. Even if I don't get in, I'll still try to do it, though it'd likely go much more slowly since I'd be on my own.

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