08 April 2007

Gaim name change: Pidgin

Gaim, due to AOL's trademark on "AIM" (even though Gaim had their name first), has changed its name. The new name is Pidgin. For those of you who don't know a lot about linguistics, a pidgin is a language that is used by people who don't have a common language but need to communicate. They make a very simple mix of their languages to get the point across. Since Pidgin is used to communicate across multiple protocols (AIM, YIM, MSN, XMPP, IRC), it's a fitting name. Given the use of netspeak (wut ^? nmu? me 2), that could be considered a pidgin as well.

Libgaim's name also changed. It's libpurple. This may sound silly at first, but think about what it does. It's a protocol plugin. The standard shortening of that is prpl, pronounced "purple." Nice play on words.

And since most people are likely to think of a bird when they hear "pidgin," gaim-text is now called Finch since it's the "little brother" so to speak.

The name changes will take effect with the release of Pidgin 2.0.

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