29 April 2007

Microsoft Employee Switches to Ubuntu

A Microsoft employee of six years reflects on how his job has caused him to stop doing all of the creative and altruistic things he used to do. He used to draw, play piano, and work on open source software. Then he started working at Microsoft and all that ended. As he says:

Six years ago I began working for Microsoft.
Today I am reclaiming a small part of who I once was.
Today I’m starting a pet project. The first of what I hope is many to come.
Moving my family computer from Windows XP to some form of Linux. A symbolic gesture more than anything - but one that will force me to do those things I so sorely miss.
Perform research.
Take action.
Enjoy the results.

His subsequent posts are about his experience partitioning and installing Ubuntu. There's a bit about GRUB as well (needing it to boot Windows first for his family). I'd like to see how this Ubuntu-using turns out for the Microsoftee. I also would like to see his response to the desktop effects when his company just released Vista's sub-par (in my opinion, as compared to Compiz/Beryl/Metisse/OSX) Aero.

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