24 May 2007

Check it out!

Dell has the Ubuntu stuff up now! On the main dell.com page, the big image changes with each reload, so every few times you end up with the one advertising Ubuntu. If you click on it, it takes you here, to their Home & Home Office Open Source page. There's info and links on Ubuntu and FreeDOS there. Or you can go directly to the Dell Ubuntu offerings. The info page does warn potential buyers that their Windows software probably won't work, but it does it gracefully, laying out the pros and cons of using OSS. From the site:

An advantage of open source is that it can deliver more reliability and flexibility, as well as faster updates and fixes, all at a lower cost. Plus, if you’re an expert, you can tweak and alter the code to completely customize the software to do exactly what you want. A downside is that some open source software requires intermediate or advanced knowledge to use, and in the case of operating systems, may not be compatible with the same software applications and hardware as Windows operating systems.

As for pricing:
Ubuntu Windows
Dimension E520 $749* & $369 &
Inspiron E1505 $799* $948*
XPS 410 $849 $899
* Dimensions and Inspirons are on sale, but this is their regular price, not the current sale price
& Windows minimum-priced computer has lower specs than Ubuntu one, would be $829

The Ubuntu computers are priced a few hundred dollars lower than the Windows ones in the case of the Inspiron E1505 laptop and XPS 410 desktop, but the Dimension E520 desktop is priced a lot higher than the Windows one. The reason is because the Ubuntu E1505 is not offered with a Celeron or Pentium D. The actual equivalent Windows desktop would be $829.

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