06 May 2007

Red Hat: Truth Happens

Red Hat made this cool little video. The theme is "Truth Happens," and I think it's pretty neat. Historically, people have made predictions, and well, hindsight is 20/20.

Most of that stuff is true, but Bill Gates says now that he never said 640K would be enough memory, and there's no records of him saying it. More likely, it was mentioned that it was enough for that the specific machine was meant to do. The rest of the things about gates are true though. Remember a while ago when Microsoft put out that Open Letter to Hobbyists about how software can't be made for free? Okay, you probably don't remember, and I don't remember, because it was the 70s, and I wasn't born yet. Anyway, then 1998 happened and Microsoft's Halloween Documents came out and we all learned that Microsoft saw Linux as a credible threat.

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poobal said...

Bill may have said 640k quote.

Found this though google.