02 May 2007

Shuttleworth agrees with "The Code" posting, bashes DRM

The sabdfl has posted to his blog about how he "was thrilled" about HD-DVD being cracked and posted everywhere. Specifically, he says:

I was thrilled to see recently that the processing key for *all* HD discs produced to date has been discovered and published. I expect this to lead to the complete unraveling of the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD content protection schemes before even 1% of the potential market for those players has been reached. Good news indeed, because it may inspire the people who setup such schemes to reconsider.
sabdfl's blog

The rest of the post goes on to detail why he believes DRM is bad system and, essentially, should just be given up on. He mentions Apple standing up to EMI about DRM. It's nice to see leaders in the software world standing against DRM-idiocy.

DBD also has a little blurb about "The Code" and Digg.

P.S. My new wallpaper is one that I nabbed from JDong after he linked it in #ubuntuforums. It has "The Code" in hex and barcode :D

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