11 June 2007

Almost OT (but not), Great article on Tech, Women, and Community

Valorie on #linuxchix just posted this link to the channel. It's called Let's Evolve Past This: The Barriers Women Face in Tech Communities. I suggest everyone read it. It's not specifically Linux, and especially not Ubuntu, but given some issues (see: here and the 3 posts after it) that have come up on the Ubuntu mailing lists, and the way that the Ubuntu Code of Conduct supports the points made in the article, it should be interesting. I fully agree with the points made, by the way. I can certainly say "oh, I've had that happen...it sucked" about a bunch of those. I commented on it about one experience of which it reminded me.


JJNova said...

Welcome back

Danny Rho said...

Great article that is and very funny too.
I am a male tech worker and enjoyed
and agreed with the article immensly !

Especially ' when a woman dress for work
it's not for you! ' I laughed so hard.

As a man, it saddens me that lots guys interpret woman saying
' you look nice today ' as
'I want to have sex with you this weekend '.
so...so.. sad. but true... poor bastards..

But those guys are usually not very
good with woman.

And there is a reason why you see
these inexperienced guys at tech
job. Well, tech guys tends to be a bit
geeky and let's face it, girls don't like
geeks... usually. Hence less dating
experiences for them.

It's a bit too much of generalization...
but that's what I think about guys at
tech jobs.

I'm going to hit the gym now...
trying to prove the generalization
I just made wrong :-)

Danny from Vancouver