20 June 2007

Please Welcome "Compiz Fusion"

The new name for the now-de-forked Compiz and Beryl project is Compiz Fusion. Check out that link screenshots of some of the new features that will be in it. I rather like the way the cube is reflected on the skydome. The re-written zoom may be fun too. Maybe we can zoom out really far now.


Jack said...

Very cool. I wonder how long until this reaches repos. The reflection does look very cool.

Jack said...

By the way, I wonder if you are a listener of the Linux Action Show: www.linuxactionshow.com - I think you would like it.

ubuntu_newbie_mikey said...

I am a long time Red Hat Linux user, just got introduced to Ubuntu which I wanted to try on my new laptop. Coincidentally, I did it at the right time to check out the new Compiz Fusion. I like it, although it was quite challenging to get it working on this laptop. The good news is it looks great (I applied only minor customizations to Themes and special effects) and it works incredibly fast. Now everyone in my office wants to switch to 64-bit native (yeehaw!!!) free (woohoo!!!) OS with Firefox, Thunderbird+Lightning(gotta provide that super-combo in Ubuntu!) and OpenOffice. I should probably make my own repository with TB+Lightning in 32-bit and 64-bit binary flavors, but hey, I've been Ubuntu user for a week.

How does this compare to alternatives? The same laptop dual-boots into 32-bit Microsoft Vista which pales in comparison in graphical features and in speed. Security in Vista is better than XP, but still quite inferior to that in Ubuntu. Vista came pre-installed, so I didn't have to fight the drivers and integration. That saved several days of frustration and extreme computer wrestling. As a curious observation, Ubuntu had much easier time integrating into my home Windows XP-based network than Windows Vista.

MacOS? Well, let's see. I just bought this Dell laptop on sale with extra coupons (thank you fatwallet) for $875 with free shipping. The computer is nearly equivalent to the most basic 15-inch MacBook Pro which would set me back $1999 plus shipping. Even if new MacOS were totally spectacular, it can't be that much better than Compiz Fusion and definitely not worth 1k.

So, the package with Dell and Ubuntu w/Compiz Fusion is by far the best bang for the buck, but it is somewhat immature and is very hard to get running.

Dell with Windows Vista is cheap with all implications of that word.

Apple MacBook Pro with MacOS is simply too expensive.