05 July 2007

Can You Reproduce My Bugs?

I have 2 bugs which I have not reported because I need to gather more information and find someone who can reproduce them before I do. Since I can't tell you how to reproduce them, that's hard. So, I'm asking that if anyone has these bugs, can they please comment here or send me an email at macoafi AT gmail DOT com or /msg macogw @ Freenode IRC.

  1. This is on my mom's desktop. It has Intel graphics, so no claiming "buggy ATI/Nvidia drivers!" in response to this, okay? Ever since the upgrade to Feisty (at least, I was not informed by my family that the problem existed in Edgy), if I click "switch user" it seems like it does what it's supposed to. It leaves the f7 virtual console and goes the f9 one. X doesn't actually start up though. The noise that means "enter your password" plays, but the screen is black. The monitor's status light turns orange, like the computer has told it to shut off or it's not getting any info from the computer. Ctrl+alt+f7 takes it back to the first login session and that works just fine. Ctrl+alt+f1's tty also works fine.
  2. Also on mom's desktop, for the last few days I've had this new problem. First user logs out. Hours later, someone goes to log in. The screen is black, the status light is orange. Moving the mouse does nothing. I pressed the ctrl+alt+f7 thinking someone hit "switch user" as and that the above bug is in action. That screen is a tty with no real text. There's just a big mess of those characters that no one ever really has a reason to type, the ones that look like rectangles full of dots (like extended ASCII codes 177 and 178) and a few underscores. The entire screen is like that, so I hit ctrl+alt+f1 thinking maybe I can login and sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart to restart GDM and clear that screen, and everything will be back to normal. No such luck. That screen is also a big mess. Attempts at typing just move an underscore that I can only assume is the cursor but all that shows up is more of those messy characters. Only thing left to do is hold in the power button until it turns off. Looking through the system log after turning it back on, nothing looks unusual, so I have no idea what's wrong.

So, have any of you had any of these problems, or are both of my computers insane?


Mauro said...

I had similar problems on my nx6125 with ATI propietary drivers (fglrx).
After many upgrades (now feisty) it was solved.
Maybe you have some trouble with your AGP GART.
After messing with that I founded somewhere (do not remember well the exact place) this options that make the thing work.

Option "UseFastTLS" "1"
Option "BlockSignalsOnLock" "on"
Option "UseInternalAGPGART" "yes"
Option "KernelModuleParm" "agplock=0"

Do not remember now the meanings of the first and second one.
The third one tells xorg to use internal driver implementation of GART. The fourth one was the solution to the hangs when trying to use switch user or just changing from tty7 to tty1 and back to tty7. After this the only way to continue working was restarting gdm. Sometimes this was not enough and have to power off.

Be warned that I used those on early versions of fglrx. Now the lasts ones (3 rd and 4th) are no longer supported.

Read about your driver. Before trying any of these run "strings" against your driver binary file and find if any of these appear.

Hope this could help you.

greetings from Argentina

Kevin Mark said...

control-alt-backspace is an easier alternative to /etc/init.d/gdm restart.

Mackenzie said...

Ctrl Alt Backspace doesn't help when the problem is that Beryl is going on 2 virtual terminals. Pretty sure there are other times it hasn't worked too...depends just how tightly it's locked

John said...

On my laptop (integrated Intel everything, i915 video, iw2200, etc), I have a problem with doing Switch User as well, but it is not monitor related. When I do so, the login display shows up appropriately, and my keyboard works and can log me in, but my mouse refuses to function on the new display. I can switch back to the original session via Ctrl+Alt+F7, and the mouse instantly goes back to proper functionality, but it will never work on the second X display.

It's probably some sort of driver issue with X11 not wanting to share resources appropriately, but since I'm only a userspace developer, I don't know enough about the innards of Linux or X11 to give anything more than that guess. Sorry.

Mackenzie said...

John, I have that problem on my laptop's Synaptics touchpad. It's either an Xorg or a Synaptics problem as far as I can figure. On mine, though, switching from the second session back to first, then back to the second again (not with logout then switch user, but ctrl+alt+f7 then f9) gets the cursor working again on the second session.

Mackenzie said...

By the way, I think the switch user / cursor problem wasn't in Dapper, so it's something new in the last year.