13 August 2007

Compiz Fusion Gets a Logo + New Stuff

Compiz Fusion now officially has a logo, which you can see here. They've also added some new animations. One folds the window up into a paper airplane and lets it fly off-screen or down into wherever your windows minimize. Another folds up the window until it disappears. Finally, there's one called "Skewer" which chops up the window into little bits and swirls them around. You can see what that looks like with this video:

The existence of an official logo means that it is now possible for an official Compiz Fusion release to happen (more details here). I can't wait to see the release. I haven't tried CF yet. I think it still needs to be compiled, unless you use Trevino's repositories, but I've heard of issues with those repositories as far as dependencies and messing with your current Compiz install. You might end up with an upgraded version of something that was working fine and breaks, so I don't really recommend using them unless you know what you're doing and can revert to old versions if you need to.

Some time in the next couple weeks, I'll be installing Gutsy on a spare hard drive and Compiz Fusion on that, and I'll let you all know how it is and what new stuff I like. Enlightenment 17 will also be featured soon (as soon as I finish building all the extra stuff I want on Debian Etch...no repositories for that yet, so I may just learn how to make deb...maybe), so stay tuned.


John said...

I had Compiz Fusion running beautifully on my laptop with almost no effort, thanks to this wonderful article by TechBlog: Enable Compiz-Fusion in Ubuntu Feisty

It was actually running much faster, and was easier to work with and customize, than Beryl was before. I really enjoyed CF and I am glad that Gutsy includes it by default now.

However, if you want the fullest Compiz Fusion experience, I don't yet recommend upgrading to Gutsy. After I saw how nice CF was in Feisty, I took the plunge and moved up to Gutsy Tribe 3, and it was disheartening, since the CF version in the official repositories is somewhat old, and it's still hit or miss on getting it to actually work. The optimizations aren't yet there either, so I'm back to the old performance levels from Beryl, with slight jerkiness and influidity, probably due to my aging integrated Intel video, but there none-the-less.

But for things beyond CF, Gutsy is great, even in its current, unfinished state. The enhancements to Gnome 2.19.5 are great, especially the redesigned (and much improved) merging of all the theming applets. And with Tribe 4, Gutsy got some upgrades to CF, including the actual CF customization panel that's available in Feisty, so things are still looking up. But I would still recommend waiting for Tribe 5 or 6 before even considering upgrading any sort of main machine.

Mackenzie said...

Thanks for the info, John. I started using Feisty when it was on alpha 2, so I'm not worried about instability. I have a spare hard drive that I use for that.

What do you mean about GNOME? Have they finally made just ONE place to configure theme, window borders, etc?

John said...

Yes they have, and it's quite nice and functional, albeit still a bit rough on the edges in the looks department. Appearance Applet Screenshot

Ubuntu has a nice set of pages covering the changes in each Tribe release, just search for Gutsy on the Ubuntu homepage.

Karl L. Gechlik said...

@John- Good looking out.

Mackenzie you have a great site here with a lots of Ubuntu goodness. Would you have any interest in doing a Ubuntu Guest Blogging Spot every so often over @ AskTheAdmin.com. Come stop by check us out - we are trying to have a more diverse Admin base to better help our readers.

Josh said...

Mackenzie, regarding the developer gig with the Chief Inspector, if you are still interested, drop me a resume if you would joshua.kahn@bestbuy.com.