04 August 2007

Initial Analysis of Automatix; several problems found

So usually when Automatix is asked about I just say "it's bad" because I know it's been known to break things royally. !automatix on an Ubuntu channel gets Ubotu telling ya about how it's not recommended and often breaks things and everything. Well, an Ubuntu dev finally went and analyzed the thing and WOW it really IS bad. As you read it just gets worse and worse. After you see this, you'll get why I stick to writing a little bash script containing not much more than #!/bin/sh
sudo aptitude install -y
with about 100 packages after it (every program, codec, and plugin that I like).

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1 comment:

philgomes said...

I've been happy with it... For the most part... It did so some strange things with ClamAV and an nVidia driver (I think... dim, distant past) but, then again, i think that's 'cause those packages aren't/weren't maintained.