05 August 2007

Keep Up On Release Dates, Conferences, and Other Important Events in FOSS

I've added a new link on the left. It's in the "Other Links" section as "FOSS Calendar." It's a Google calendar, feel free to subscribe yourself to it. I'm putting release dates (Fedora 8, Ubuntu 7.10, OOo 2.3...), conferences (UDS Boston, for example), and other "holidays" (ex: Software Freedom Day) on it, so everyone can know what's going on. If you've got a date for me to add, email it to me at macoafi@gmail.com. If you do that a few times (basically, if I think you're not likely to spam it) and have a Google ID, I'll add you to the "people who can edit it" thing.


Jack said...

LinuxWorld in San Francisco is going all week this week. Gnome and KDE dates are probably good (but I don't know them...)

I am glad to see you including Fedora dates as well. I still have a lot of respect for that distro and use it on my desktop, though I use ubuntu on the laptop.

*Anyway, back to salivating over the new Darter Ultra at system76.com

Mackenzie said...

Well if gentoo.org showed an actual date not "some time in October-ish" for 2007.1 I'd include that too :P I don't want it to be just Ubuntu stuff.