26 August 2007

Ubuntu User Social Networking

When I asked Paladine on IRC if I could get an @ubuntu-users.org email address, he mentioned wanting to put forums there. Then he said he was thinking maybe blogs would be possible, and said something about wanting to put forums there. It was pointed out by Spec aka Nick Wheeler that there's a ton of forums already. Then it turned into a social networking idea. It's the brainstorm phase.

Paladine finishes exams on Wednesday, then can get working on figuring this all out. He's looking for a team to help out. PM him on ubuntuforums.org (he's BeamerBoy) if you're interested. Other than that, beta testers will be needed in 4-6 weeks. They will be limited, since he needs to figure out how much bandwidth and all it'll take. If you want to test it, sign up on this thread. Names will be drawn "out of a hat" for beta-testers.

More details available on Paladine's blog which is currently being redirected to from the upcoming Ubuntu Users dot org.

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