11 October 2007

Vim in Your Browser

That's right. Vim in your browser. If you're anything like me, you start typing in a textbox in Firefox, then decide you want to go to the end of the line, so you hit Escape then $ just in time to realize you're not in Vim. Then you have to go use that stupid mouse. Yesterday, I found that you can type / in Firefox and it opens a "Quicksearch" just like in Vim. That's awesome. I mentioned it at work, and one of the guys there knew while the other didn't. The one who did know about it just told me about a Firefox extension called Vimperator. It gives you Vim keybindings in Firefox. I think it's awesome (using it right now).

By default, the toolbar and menubar hide, but you can reactivate them with :set guioptions+=mTGo to a new page with :open <page> where <page> can be a URL or a google search term. There's more stuff too, I haven't found it all yet though. hjkl are also there.


Kevin Mark said...

Thanks for the heads-up Mac! My browsing experience now has more 'vim' and vigor! Now if only clippy would appear!

Austin said...

This extension rocks! Most of my family is now adopting it as I write this. I have been looking for something similar off and on for months, and thanks to you, have finally found it.

Austin said...

If you want, you can put the :set guioptions+=mT option in your .vimperatorrc file. That will apply the option when you start up firefox.