04 December 2007

Remote Tech Support the Easy Way

If you have had to support other people's computers remotely before, you know it can be a hassle. What do you do when the other person is behind a firewall and doesn't know how to port forward? Well, for Windows, there's LogMeIn, which uses port 80 (so no port forwarding needs to be set up) through the browser to let a tech (on Windows) help a someone (also on Windows).

We Linux users, however, still had to go through port forwarding. I've just spotted a similar service called Bomgar which works for Windows, Mac, and Linux. All three can be on the receiving end of tech support, and Ubuntu is officially supported for that direction. Only SuSE and Windows have official support on the tech's end, but the site is careful to point out that while other distros have not been certified and fully unit-tested, they do work.

Like LogMeIn, it is a for-pay service which has a free trial period available.

I am not affiliated with either LogMeIn or Bomgar. I just ran across an ad for Bomgar which included "Ubuntu" in the title and made me look.

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Freaktech said...

The only problem with Bomgar is that after your trial period if you want to use them you must purchase one of their appliances. The cheapest being around $1000. Then you must pay for each PC you support. It's more of a enterprise solution.