12 December 2007

Wanna change your touchpad's speed?

So a while ago, around the end of October, I think, I had my first patch accepted. If you've ever used GSynaptics, you know it can be useful for configuring scrolling on your laptop's touchpad. When someone asked me where xorg.conf was so he could set the speed and acceleration on his touchpad, I told him to just use GSynaptics, at which point he informed me that it can't do that. A few days later, I had a working patch for it, and after a bit of fighting with Subversion that neither the project owners nor the Sourceforge.jp admin could explain, I emailed the patch to one of the developers and it was committed.

For now, the only way to get it is to check it out from subversion.

sudo aptitude install subversion
svn checkout http://svn.sourceforge.jp/svnroot/gsynaptics/gsynaptics

then compile it (it'll be in a directory called "trunk").

A deb is forthcoming, I promise. I just forget how exactly to make debs, so I have to go bug Nick to teach me again.


Anonymous said...

Want to use this but first, being a total noob with ubuntu, just how do I compile it? Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work.

Mackenzie said...

Install the build-essential package through synaptic so you have all the compilers and everything. Then run "sudo apt-get build-dep gsynaptics" to get the specific build-dependencies for it. Then if you cd to wherever it went when you pulled it from SVN, you should just be able to run "./configure" and if all goes well, you then run "make" and then "sudo make install" Alternatively, use "sudo checkinstall" (install checkinstall first) if you want to be able to remove it using Synaptic.