06 January 2008

New iPod This Gift-Giving Season?

Want a good reason to be pissed off at Apple? Well, if you got one of the new iPod models this fall/winter, you've got one. Apple decided that they didn't want people using anything but iTunes to sync their iPods. Note that they still didn't release a version of iTunes for Linux or BSD. Don't you just love being ignored? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, the Linux community is full of a bunch of wonderful hackers ready to fix little, er, "inconveniences" like this.

My sister got a new iPod Nano for Christmas, and my brother sat her down with Amarok since it's how I showed him to sync his iPod Video. It didn't work. The files transferred, but the database didn't update. The iPod knew space was in use, but it said there were no songs. Oh joy. I knew Apple had changed things and that the changes had been cracked almost immediately. Libgpod was patched somewhere upstream, but that hasn't made it into Ubuntu yet. It should be there for Hardy (if it's not, there will be some people freaking out, I'm sure). Well, Hardy's only the second alpha right now, so anyone who needs a stable system is staying far, far away. Even I'm staying away this time (broken optical drive means that if it gets all borked by upgrading I can't do a clean install! Yikes!).

Thankfully, Victoria Lamburn has a nice little "howto" for making a new (Fall 2007 edition) iPod work with Ubuntu. She has the new libgpod packaged up and gives you the commands needed to update the database without having to retransfer everything. I tried it last week, and it worked great.

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