28 February 2008

Apple, Stand Back! There's a New Beauty Queen in Town

Yesterday I said the new wallpaper was beautiful, right? After a very tiny bit of customization, I want to show off my desktop. After

  • 2 minutes in the GIMP getting my panel's background image just so
  • 1 minute of removing the bottom panel and the applets I don't use
  • 5 minutes between the GIMP and Emerald modifying my "Human Glass" theme
coming to a grand total of 8 minutes spent on customizing the appearance (nowhere near the amount of time I spent deciding what programs I need, which ones I use enough to keep in the menu, which ones I use too much for the menu and should have a Compiz key-mappting, etc), I have this:

full-size Hardy screenshot

If you like the look, the "Human Glass" Emerald theme can be downloaded from GNOME Look, and you can download the panel background. You can get the background by installing this deb, but I must warn you: it may overwrite the default Gutsy wallpaper since they have the same name. Renaming the Gutsy one first (it's /usr/share/backgrounds/warty-final-ubuntu.png ...yeah they never change the name) may be a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is a nice example for a feminine desktop. I like it, although I am a man and KDE user ;-).

Would be a good default for 'Ubuntu - Gnome Edition'. *Thumbs up*

Mike said...

@anonymous: Seriously? I'm a dude and would choose Gnome over KDE any day. Every time I try KDE it looks like a blind person designed it. Everything is so HUGE.

@Mackenzie: Lookin' good! Any new screenshots?