27 February 2008

First Impressions of the Hardy Heron

My laptop just got back from its third trip to the shop (this time: optical drive, hard drive, and motherboard). Don't buy a Gateway. It got back and needed an OS. You didn't think I'd leave their Windows XP restore image thing on it, did you? Like Hell. I installed Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS Alpha 5.

Live CD:
  • Live CD asks language before going to the menu where it asks what you want to do so if you don't know English you can actually know what's going on. That's a good improvement.
  • Hey, now there's an option to just install and not bother with the live environment. Sweet!
  • When running on battery, the Live CD shows the "plugged in to AC power" icon.
  • The guided partitioner makes about 5,000,000,000 times more sense now. Remember that part where it had a slider and asked what percent of space you want Ubuntu to have and you weren't sure if that was of total space or free space and just how many GB that meant? There are now nice visual clues. Windows partition was colored orange and an Ubuntu rectangle was drawn to the right. There was a drag-handle in between to squish Windows or Linux.
  • Partman still sucks.
Installed System
  • Beautiful desktop background!
  • Screens & Graphics thing is very, very dead.
  • xorg.conf looks so baren. I'm told this is because of new X and xrandr and hot-plugging and stuff.
  • No vertical scroll on touchpads right now :(
  • My .gnome, .gnome2, .gconf, .gconfd etc. directories that I copied over from Gutsy have no effect on the system. That's disappointing. I had to reconfigure all my GNOME stuff again.
  • 3D Windows (the thing where windows pop off the cube) is back in this version of Compiz!
  • The Fusion Icon is in the repos.
  • The beautiful background says "Elephant" when you hover in the Appearances thing, while the Elephant one says "Simple Ubuntu." Haha Oops!
  • Brasero is included by default. Finally, we have a proper CD/DVD burning app by default
  • New Nautilus (using gio/gvfs instead of gnomevfs) doesn't work for network:///
  • New Nautilus is crashy
  • DAAP shares on Rhythmbox seem broken. Could be that the other kids in the dorm have disconnected from the internet and it hasn't refreshed...or something.
  • There's some new Avahi SSH and VNC thing. GUI people might like them.
  • Bash no longer includes tab-autocompletion by default. You have to install bash-completion. Not cool! Just like when they crippled vim and made it only have vim-tiny (no better than plain old vi) in Edgy.
  • Tracker's got an applet now. I deleted it and removed Tracker from all the auto-run stuff and set it to not scan. We've got this nice new thing (since Gutsy) where they pre-make Documents, Video, Pictures, Music, and Templates directories. With the almost-forced organization, how do they expect people to still lose their stuff thoroughly enough to need Tracker?
  • There's a simple-ccsm which is like a super-scaled-down Compiz Config Settings Manager. It's better than the default thing in Appearances, I guess. You still need to install regular CCSM for it to work, though. And regular CCSM is not marked as a dependency on the package, so if you install simple-ccsm and it crashes, that's why.
  • I don't think Gutsy had this, but I could be wrong. There's now a password strength-o-meter when you set your keyring password. I was surprised to see that mine didn't fill the bar. It did much better than my old password though.
  • As weird as I think the barebones xorg.conf is, xrandr's pretty sweet. You can change your resolution on-the-fly! I can't wait to try using it with a projector when I do my presentation on MythTV in class on Friday.

Speaking of doing a presentation on MythTV on Friday, I ought to go make that presentation now. I'll be doing it in LaTeX and gaining some experience with the Beamer package. I've used LaTeX to type every paper I've had to do since the school year began. Now I'm going to learn to do presentations. No need for an office suite! Oh, I open M$ files in Google Docs or use antiword (neat command line utility) to pull plain text out of .docs. Anyway, good night everybody!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Planet, Mackenzie!

Mackenzie said...

Hey, thanks! I finally got around to it :P

Anonymous said...

It might sound silly but I like the forced organization, haha. I actually use 'organization' now.

Ron said...

I note your comments about mythbuntu and wonder...
How did the Friday thing go? and
What did you say?
I installed Myth on a 2GHZ pc that was given to me but haven't purchased and installed a card yet. It's not even running at this second, but it seems to run fine. Photo viewer app seems good, but haven't yet pushed into video and audio.

Info about Mythbuntu is sketchy at best. I've visited the wiki and other areas, enough to get it installed and working, but info is generally hard to come by. I really had to look hard for example, to discover the default shortcut keys, stuff like that.

Anyway, I'm curious as to your take on Myth.

Peter said...

Re: Hardy, Nautilus and browsing networks

I just ran into this here at work. Something's wonky with authentication on Shared Windows network server drives. You appear to connect OK to the server, but no directories appear in the Nautilus pane.

I got the subdirectories to appear by appending the name of a known directory to the server name in the Location: field.

- Connect to a server (smb://ufileserver/ )
- Now, edit the Location: field to append the name of a directory (smb://ufileserver/Foo/ )
- you should get a "allow access to keyring" pop-up. Answer "Allow always"
- Voila! The files will appear and the network server will be mounted in the "Tree" pane.

At least, that's how it worked for me. There's a bug been filed on this...lots of people reporting it.

My experience is on a Dell Precision, upgraded from 7.10, so I already had entries in the keyring. Don't know what would happen if you were using a completely new install.