28 February 2008

Have You Voted Yet?

Remember Dell's IdeaStorm? Consumers gave ideas for what they wanted to see Dell do. They voted and commented on each others' ideas. Ubuntu has followed suit. Head on over to Brainstorm (it's loading pretty slowly right now) and make your voice heard. Some of the suggestions being made (like "restore from trash") are already planned for Hardy.

These caught my eye:
  • Improving power management / battery life....but I guess I don't need to worry about that, since my battery apparently gets over 31 hours of battery life
  • Creating a separate /home and using LVM so / can be increased if necessary
  • Warning the user when disk space is low to keep from being locked out of the GUI
  • Migration Assistant for non-Windows OSes
  • Detection of /home for when doing reinstalls

I strongly fear that this will, like American Idol, have a better voting turnout than Presidential elections.


Anonymous said...

I want to login with my launchpad account.


Mackenzie said...

You have to make an Ubuntu QA login account. That's just how it's setup. It's not part of Launchpad. It's probably open source, unlike Launchpad.

qhartman said...

Regarding your battery life, check out bug #194719 . My laptop seems to have it, and I bet yours does too.

Mackenzie said...

Yep, that's the bug!

test said...

We've build something similar, called UserVoice, that enables any company or community to have a tool like this, but we do a little more to create a market around good ideas rather than just letting everyone vote everything up.

You can check out UserVoice and request your own page (we're in semi-private beta) at http://example.uservoice.com