01 February 2008

Patrick's Right: I'm a Freetard

Last night the OLPCLCDC met. While we were sitting there, the guys next to me said OSX is neutral because it's a UNIX so it can't be considered as bad as Windows, but it's still not as good as Linux. I said, "it's still proprietary." The guy in front of me turned around and said, "keep the faith."

If you don't get the "freetard" thing, that's what Fake Steve Jobs calls those of us who are really into Free Software and reject the proprietary stuff. My friend Patrick reads it a lot and is a Mac-lover, so he calls me a "freetard" when I say things like "I like the GIMP better than Photoshop."

Also, one guy had a great shirt. It said:

:w!      saves
Yay, vi!

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