21 March 2008

Betas, fresh out of the oven! Get 'em while they're hot!

Well, I'm on vacation in Florida this week, so I haven't gotten to try the latest updates on my Ubuntu lappy. Right now I'm blogging from Dad's Windows laptop. I can't *nix it. It's for work. There's no WiFi. He has an EVDO thing, and Windows saves all the settings, so I don't know how to get them, and Windows won't let me create a wireless bridge, so unless I walk to the internet cafe (which I can't do as I have so much sunburn I can barely move my legs), I have no internet on my Ubuntu laptop. I'm stuck using Windows. Goody.

Um, so the Hardy beta is available for download. I can't think of any new features in the last 2 weeks that I didn't mention as soon as I spotted them, so sorry about that. Links:

FFM says I'm bound by law to make this post since I posted about alphas.


Adam said...

Hmm.. So is the beta stable or have you not run it at all? I'd love to go Linux full-time on my laptop, but it doesn't appear that I can because I can't appear to get the 3d driver working on my graphics card (integrated intel chip). Everything else works, though, but I need that one damn 3d driver to work so I can get VMWare to recognize Direct 3d in Win XP, so I can run GRLevel3 from with-in Linux. Hell, if I could get that to work, I'd switch to Linux full-time.


Mackenzie said...

Beta freeze was last week so there shouldn't have been much of a change. It's been fairly stable, and my Intel chip has 3D just fine--though it always has. Is it a i965? Those are supported, and you can actually get Compiz on them in Gutsy with a little trick (just can't play video at the same time). However, the X server occasionally crashes with the Intel driver, so that's a bit of a problem.

Anonymous said...

>> Dad's Windows laptop. I can't *nix it. >> It's for work.

hehe, nice: to *unix: to bring risk to a current computer system (preferably windows) by installing an alternate operating system ;-)

Tom said...

Speaking of 3D drivers, does Hardy fix the ATI suspend issue? Since making Gutsy my primary OS, that's been tremendously disappointing for me — especially since I'm told there was no such issue in versions prior to 7.10.

Mackenzie said...

Neither ATI nor Nvidia has ever made a binary driver which works for suspend and hibernate. See the post that'll be up in 5 minutes for info.