21 March 2008

New Ubuntu-only Digg-like Site

Digg users often complain about how many Ubuntu articles show up in the Linux/Unix section of Digg. Well, there's now Ubuntu Point, which is functionally similar to Digg, except it's just for Ubuntu. Now the Ubuntu articles can go there instead of annoying everyone at Digg, k? There's a possibility this page will break repeatedly in many different ways in the next hour or two while I hack at the template to make Ubuntu Point show up by the Digg icon. I'm trying to find a way to make a button just like the Digg one that's there. We'll see how I do. For now it's just text.

Oh yeah, go Digg Ubuntu Point :P

EDIT: The Ubuntu Point dev said they'd go develop a widget like Digg's if Pligg (the open source platform the site uses) doesn't have one available.


Pet said...

What is your take on this? Is there any merit to the point made in this artiCel and what can be done about it.

Spook said...

So there won't be comments along the lines of "lol my wireless didn't work" and "no games linux sucks"? I'll have to check it out.

Nanley said...

Hey Mackenzie, please read: http://clunixchit.blogspot.com/2008/03/curse-fedora-everytime-and-everwhere.html

Although I'm an ubuntu member (and tester), I'd have to agree where he says:

""""In FedoraLand, people talk "Linux" and in UbuntuLand people talk "Ubuntu".
You might be thinking that I'm bashing, Ubuntu well no. I just don't find the Logic in it. After all there is no sense of community in the UbuntuLand. """"

There really is no point in having an Ubuntu-only digg copy site. It will just make Ubuntu users more introverted instead of participating in the "entire" linux community. Also, the design and naming is poor. We should instead invest in more promising sites like brainstorm and stats. In all politeness, I ask you to please shut ubuntupoint down.

Mackenzie said...

Nanley, how do you expect me to take Ubuntu Point down? Denial of Service attack? Sorry, that's not my hat.

The reason I'm pointing it out is because most of the Linux section on Digg is covered in Ubuntu stuff, and it seems most of Digg hates it. So, if the Ubuntu fanboyism is taken elsewhere, the Diggers can stop bitching.

Anonymous said...

Could have just use a custom reddit like http://reddit.com/r/ubuntu/
or Mixx's group feature

I'm sure there are many other examples. ::shrug::

nanley said...

Sorry, they way you wrote the article (and the fact that it was on ubuntu planet) made it sound as if you took part in the creation of the site; that's why I asked you to take it down.

The hate you see about Ubuntu stories - I see them differently. They are usually applied to lame stories - I leave a negative comment on those every once and a while. And most other negative comments are just playful joking. The only serious arguments I've seen originate from the users of other distros who do not like the popularity of Ubuntu; growing pains which must be gotten used to.

But anyways, there is no real need for a discursive discussion as I failed to reach my intended audience.