14 March 2008

Skype 2.0 is Done & Out

Everyone who's been using Skype 2.0 Beta, you can now upgrade to the final release. For anyone out of the loop on this one, Skype 2.0 for Linux has video support. Please note, however, that Skype is only available for 32-bit Linux. There are ways of getting it to work otherwise, but I don't have a 64-bit system to try them on, so don't ask me how to do it. Ask Skype's tech support...annoy them into releasing a 64bit version ;)


Mez said...

Hehe, I noticed this when installing everything on Xubuntu on my eeePC ... "There is no beta available" ... thought they'd gotten rid of it!

ffm said...

Eewww! Closed source software!


in that order

Mackenzie said...

See, ffm, the thing is, if you use one of those, you're using SIP and have to have the SIP ports open. Good luck explaining to any normal person how to forward those from their router to their computer. Skype bypasses this by routing connections out from both computers to a server in the middle.

Anonymous said...

Mackenzie: there are free software/open standards that help with escaping from hostile networks like those with NAT or firewalls.



Of course these days many home modem+router devices come with UPNP support so holes can be easily punched.

Anonymous said...

Why bother Skype tech support? medibuntu packages skype for amd64 (just the 32 bit version in a 64 bit package, but it works)!

Ashutosh Mishra said...

It's not fully stable. I am on Feisty and I was talking to my sister yesterday, and Skype just crashed everytime I tried video conferencing. I could see her but couldn't get my webcam to start.

Robert said...

The Skype version in Hardy beta is 1.4, which means no video. To get 2.0 you have to mess about unfortunately.