18 March 2008

Summer of Code

The Summer of Code 2008 list of mentor orgs is up, and I intend to enter again this year, now that I know a bit more about C and GTK and all that. Anyone have any suggestions for stuff I could apply to do?

What I'm looking for:
  • No C# or Mono
  • No Qt
  • Not Wine
  • Java, C, or Python...but preferably not Java...maybe PHP too
  • Something cross-distro...so don't suggest Gentoo or NetBSD
  • Something to make #ubuntu less necessary (ie make things easy for newbies)

Enough negatives in there? Yeah... Last year I applied to Ubuntu and GNOME to turn all the GUI config stuff into only one utility...kinda like that Appearances thing they already had in the works...so that didn't work. Anyone got any ideas or suggestions regarding which of those projects I should take a look at?


Lynoure Braakman said...

Any other programming language is ok with you?

Anonymous said...

Not a very concrete proposal, but just have a look at brainstorm.ubuntu.com, there are thousands of ideas.

aent said...

take a look at this:


its interesting and can push linux ahead of windows in another area. It was previiusly startedas a soc project but the developer got a pretty good job out of it and no longer works on it.

Anonymous said...

I would love a plugin for Rythmbox or Exaile that allows me to search for music based on lyrics.
I always forget artist names and song titles, but then I usually remember lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Checkout CCAN

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Some tips on things you could do and feel very satisfied afterwards.
Help Gnome\KDE with their respective accessibility projekts like Magnification for visualy impaired people the screen reader or synthezised speach.

Projects like Orca, Kmag, Gnupernicus, Festival, Espeak, etc. Today it isn't the easiest thing to move to linux if your a disabled person. Is this how we want it to be? In USA the ADA law demand rights for programs to be accessible if we ever want the goverments of the world to adopt linux we need help with accessibility to bring everyone over to our side and not leave anyone behind. Other areas are webbrowsers and standards compliance again especialy for disabled people like WAI, ARIA support but also that all applications are designed in such a way that they are accessible for all people and that underlying frameworks andtechnologies work with and help to support accisstive technologies.

Usability is another area that needs more attention as well were focus has been on servers and CLI interaction along time developers need guidence and help with design when it comes to GUI:s and optimization for better work flow in their applications.