02 March 2008

Update on Hardy's Good Looks

So Christopher Denter (go there to see it if you're not on Hardy--I don't want to steal his hits) just posted about Hardy's theme change. Apparently Human-Murrine is the default now, though I didn't see it when I installed. It could be less than 3 days new. If you go into the Appearances utility and click on Human then hit "Customize," you'll see this window:

Just choose Human-Murrine to get the new look. I think it's pretty. There have been complaints that it's too shiny, but I disagree. So the screenshot I posted a couple days ago is now a little out-dated, or at least the GTK part is.


Anonymous said...

Thank god that's not going to be the default. It would just be embarrising. Murrina can in theory be pretty, but this specific gtkrc doesn't even pretend to be designed.

Anonymous said...

it's simply ugly.luz

Nathan Hale said...

I was really hoping for something drastically new. *Sigh* Maybe with Intrepid Ibex!