26 April 2008

Create/Find Hardware Reviews

Another release, another round of hardware that's never touched Linux having its virgin run. Also a lot of people going "but will my hardware work?" Please, please, take 15-30 minutes out of your day and review your hardware somewhere—or in more than one somewhere.Here are some suggestions:

  • Hardware Testing - At the very least do this one. It's built into Ubuntu. On Gutsy, it's in Applications -> System Tools. In Hardy, System -> Administration -> Hardware Testing. It'll run you through a few tests, asked if it worked, and ask for comments, then it submits the info to the Ubuntu devs using your Launchpad login. I don't think this is something that publicizes the results for easy shopping. The others all do.
  • Linux on Laptops - If you're a laptop user, take a look. Is your model listed? Is it up to date? If the answer to either question is "no," please submit the information. You can either make a webpage (they have a template) and send them a link or send the info as an attachment.
  • UbuntuHCL - Sign up and add your parts to their online database. It lets you filter the listing in lots of nice ways to look up info before making a purchase. One thing I like is that the results show a listing of parts with their average rating so you can take a nice list to the store.
  • Dohickey - Dohickey has a nice graphical client that asks you how well your hardware works, how hard it was to get working, etc. after auto-detecting what it all is. It then submits your results to its database which anyone can browse to find out what parts work well and easily, just like with UbuntuHCL.
  • Ubuntu Wiki - Lots of pages where you can add info, drilling down into the different categories of hardware. There are listings for prebuilt desktops, laptops, and individual parts.

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Frederic said...

You can also post your report on Hardware4Linux to show how well Hardy is working compared to other Linux distributions.