20 April 2008

Hardy in DC

Are you in Washington, DC or the surrounding area? If so, come to the GWU ACM's installfest for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron).

  • Who: You
  • What: Ubuntu Installfest
  • When: Friday, 25 April 2008, 6-9 PM
  • Where:
    Tompkins Hall of Engineering
    Room 409
    725 23rd St NW
    Washington, DC 20052
  • Why:
    • You need/want help installing the new release
    • You want to give help installing the new release
    • You have installation media for another distro and need to track down a room full of people who know what they're doing
    • You got it installed but something's just not right


TFine said...

Interesting. May stop by to do a full install for the first time.

Mackenzie said...

I just saw Greg Grossmeier post about his town's party and he mentioned stickers. That reminds me. I have a bunch of Tux.org, Firefox, Ubuntu, cute-little-penguin, Fedora, Got Linux?, Free Software: Clear & Transparent, and Free Software: Free as in Freedom stickers to give out. I've also got 60 copies of Linux Journal.

John said...

I have an 8 GB usb drive. How to I put Hardy on the drive and install onto my laptop HD. Is it just a matter of downloading an ISO and booting from the USB?

BTW, I can't see you in the picture on your profile. It is too dark.