09 April 2008

MythTV on Hardy

As many of you have probably heard, Hardy will be using PulseAudio by default to get a unified sound server going. MythTV does not yet work with PA; however, here's a configuration file you can change to make it. Open up your /etc/pulse/default.pa and on line 32 make the following change:

#load-module module-alsa-sink
load-module module-alsa-sink device=plug:dmix

After logging out and back in, you should be able to get sound out of MythTV again.


Asa said...

Thanks, I just set up MythTV on my wife's computer (Gutsy) this weekend and was a little frustrated to learn that I couldn't use my computer as a front end. Apparently I didn't search the right websites to find the solution. :)

Mackenzie said...

An ALSA dev told me while we were trying to figure out what was up with Flash and Rhythmbox fighting for control (that libflashsupport thing I mentioned before), and since a mythtv update just went through and wanted to overwrite my config file (I let it because that wasn't the only thing it was going to change and I thought the other changes might be important) it was fresh on my mind. Given Hardy's about 2 weeks from release, I figured giving some pre-warning and solutions to people before they update and "omg my mythtv is b0rked!" might be a good idea.

Dave said...

Thanks so much!

Phil said...

Instead of logging out and back in, you should just be able to do "sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart". It worked for me, and I hate having to log out/in for something to work. That's one of the benefits of using Linux in the first place! Thanks for the info though; it worked like a charm!

Bert said...

Will this also enable me to pass through AC3 and DTS to SPDIF?

Mackenzie said...

PA runs per-user, not system-wide. Don't run it system-wide :P

Yes, but that's nothing to do with PA.

Those answers are from Crimsun/Daniel Chen.

Anonymous said...

This didn't get things working for me on Hardy.

I had to install libasound2-plugins and follow the instructions for generic ALSA compatibility on the PulseAudio wiki.

Cheers for the help though. :)

Mackenzie said...

This post is from before Hardy was released. It's possible 8.04.2 has changed things. I'll ask Daniel later today.