01 April 2008

This is a bug report against Planet Ubuntu

I can't find anywhere to report this (there's no "report" button on Planet's launchpad bug page, and there's no contact email on the site), so I'm going to rely on this being aggregated on Planet Ubuntu and hopefully someone spotting it.

The right-hand-side of Planet Ubuntu says that all times are normalized to UTC. It's wrong. My posts always show up as if someone just did a "sed -i 's/EST/UTC/' post" instead of actually converting the time. It's 14:23 EST right now. When this hits Planet, it will, assuming the trend continues, say 14:23 UTC for the time, although real UTC time right now is 18:23.

I see plenty of posts showing there that are UTC so either:

  1. They are posting from UTC
  2. They aren't using Blogger

I'm guessing it has to do with incorrectly reading Blogger's RSS.


Tony Yarusso said...

Confirming that yours shows up with the wrong time. However, I know Richard Johnson's timezone, and either his ARE being converted to UTC or he's posting in the future.

Tiago Faria said...


I believe it's better to contact the developers of PlanetPlanet, the software used by Planet Ubuntu. I doubt the webmasters of Planet Ubuntu will fix something from upstream.

PlanetPlanet: http://www.planetplanet.org/

Maybe asking on the mailing list will give us an idea of how to fix this.

Stuart said...

I'd be more worried about the fact that the RSS feed for the planet doesnt validate!


Thats also an upstream problem though, none of the planets using planetplanet validate.