26 April 2008

Tip: Give Firefox bookmarks nicknames

There are some sites I visit a lot, like the Ubuntu Forums. A friend recently showed me this trick, which I really like, so now I'm showing you. Just bookmark a page and then go to Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks. Right click on the bookmark and hit "Properties". You'll get this:

bookmarks properties screenshot

See the keyword field? I put "uf" in there. Now I can just type "uf" in the address bar and Firefox automatically takes me to the forums!

I was also just reminded that you can put something like this...

google search bookmark

And then type "gg ubuntu" in your address bar to get the results for a Google search for "ubuntu". The %s inserts whatever string you put in into the search.


Tom said...

This gets even easier when a site you've saved in your bookmarks bar has a favicon (that being the little graphic that shows up in your address bar at many sites). Favicons are downloaded automagically when you access them.

I keep Slashdot in my bookmarks bar; its favicon is an abbreviation of its name: /. That saves me the trouble of saving its name to display, so I have it saved with no nickname — just a space to fill the nickname entry of the properties dialog box.

Mackenzie said...

Yep, that's a trick I've used on my bookmarks toolbar for a while.

Jake said...

Fantastic - I do most of my web development work in Firefox, and this trick makes short work of bringing up the pages & different versions I'm working on. Thanks!

Mark said...

We did something along the same lines at Make Use Of - http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-be-more-productive-with-firefox-quick-searches/

Aibek and I are big fans of this Firefox functionality!


Mackenzie said...

I'm gonna go ahead and point out that I hadn't heard of MUO til you asked me to write for you, so I never saw this online, just on a friend's computer.

mathias said...

thanks for the tips