31 May 2008

Getting VPNC working on the EeePC

I spent the other night with my friend Elfine, trying to figure out how to get her EeePC on the school's wireless. I did it! If you run sudo route del default, just before starting VPNC, it'll work. It turns out the EeePC doesn't replace the default route—instead, it adds a second default route, which simply doesn't work. Delete the default route before starting the VPN, and it won't get all mixed up. Your internet will work.


Jake said...

Just a note of warning: If you don't connect to VPN afterwards, you may not be able to connect to the internet until you reboot.

I've been having VPN connection problems, and tried the method you outlined here. Unfortunately this isn't what is preventing me from connecting to work, so I was still unable to connect. Since I just deleted my default route, I also couldn't browse the web until I rebooted my machine and the routing table was regenerated.

I'll post the command to re-insert your default route when I figure out how to do it. Thanks for the technique anyways!

Jake said...

Got it - if you need to add back your default route for any reason, you can use the following command:

sudo route add default gw [IP of gateway] [Interface]

Elfine Peterson said...

2I've been surfing many many other wifis w/o rebooting the machine. I don't even have to re-add the default.

Pink 2G surf here

PS: Maco, you are my savior.