24 May 2008

My Hobby: Pretending I'm Randall Munroe

When I told a coworker on Wednesday what I did Tuesday at the mall, he said I should write the next XKCD "My Hobby..." comic. So, here's my attempt at being Randall Munroe for the evening:

MY HOBBY:  Going to the Apple Store to show off

True story. That's just sort of an excerpt. For the record:

  • Set above / always on top: No, but there's Exposé…just like the Scale plugin in Compiz
  • Focus follows mouse: If you use OnyX, but even then, only on terminals (that from a coworker, not from the Apple employee). The Apple employee said it can follow the mouse while zoomed…I showed him that I could do that too.
  • Move the window using not-the-titlebar: No
  • Shade / Rollup: No, but there's "show desktop"…which I can do too.
  • Paned terminal: No, Terminal.app cannot do that

He actually said, "Oh, Ubuntu, I have a friend that uses that. He keeps telling me to try it, but nah. He'd love you," near the start. Around the time he got to mentioning using Linux in 1998 he commented on how user unfriendly it had been, and how amazed he was at the changes since then, now that he actually saw what his friend was talking about.

Things like this are why my roommate said she wishes she and I could both be here when Comcast guy comes. She thinks it'd be really funny. I told her to come to Best Buy with me some time. Our friend said, "Oh, Geek Squad?" "Yep, do you know, they told me PCI was a chipset?" Her jaw dropped, "no way!" I think they want to go terrorize Geek Squad by asking technical questions and watching them flounder. You should try it some time. It's fun! Oh, and I asked in Best Buy yesterday. When the Geek Squad cards say "Any PC" they really mean "Any PC which is running Microsoft Windows," they just didn't write that. Or maybe it's in invisible ink.

EDIT: By the way, the tooltip on the comic is a reference to a specific XKCD comic.


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to say that you are actually a good Munroe inpersonator. I LOLed :D

Kevix said...

Most FLOSS contributers have other skillz, so now you can add 'cartoonist' to your business cards ;-) Maybe start LOLbuntu or a cartoon guide to Ubuntu?

Andrew said...


Did that in London (UK) at the Apple Store in the Brent Cross Shopping Centre (what we call malls over here).

Lots of fun.

nitrofurano said...

BestBuy has reputation as Microsoft slaves