21 May 2008

Terminal Junkies, You'll Love This

I love Terminator. No, not the Arnold movie. Terminator is a new GNOME-terminal-based terminal with one very awesome feature. It has paned view. OK, so it can't do tabs. I don't care. Paned view is better than tabs. You can see things side-by-side without messing about trying to resize two terminals to both use up all of the space on the screen but still not overlap. It's all there at a glance. Take a look:


That's just a small sample one so it fits on here. I find it really useful to have it fullscreen, split into a few panes. Each pane is SSH'd into a different box. I use Compiz's "annotate" plugin to mark in front of the panes which is which, so I don't get confused.

If you're interested in giving it a try, just click here to install Terminator.


Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of terminator. Even better is being able to do this with every application. I usually need pdf+image, browser, and 3+ terminal windows. With crazy wild windows it's a hassle setting up in the first place, and if you need to resize something, you're in trouble again.

I really wish all of gnome could behave like terminator! My best solution at the moment is ion3 with gnome, but that's kludgy.

eolo999 said...

Chantra is working on a branch to enable tabs in Terminator...and you can already use it!

Eric said...

I'm just happy with my yakuake console, thank you!

Pressing F12 brings it down à la Quake, no matter which app you're using (even works in VirtualBox+WindowsXP fullscreen).

You can add new tab with Shift+Up, delete it with Shift+Down, and switch between tabs with Shift+Left Right.

Terminator still brings one app more to your desktop. :/


Chris said...

felipe: there are window managers which can do this, such as ion/awesome

As for Terminator - we have some exciting stuff underway for the next couple of releases. 0.9 will bring tabs, drag&drop re-ordering of terminals, and per-terminal titlebars (removing the need to use the annotate compiz feature, if you have correctly set terminal titles). Lots of bug fixes and more features from gnome-terminal.

1.0 will be the big whizz-bang release that allows you to save layouts, so you can very quickly start up Terminator with a certain layout executing the commands you want.

There are no fixed timescales for either 0.9 or 1.0, but I'm hoping we can get 0.9 out in the next few weeks.

It's gonna rock!

Chris Jones

Deuce868 said...

It seems cool, but as someone that uses multiple desktops, I like my terminals to follow me around. I hate having to move terminals from one desktop to another as I work on things.

For me, yakuake with a screen session running multiple terminals at once is the sweetest ever.

I've mapped yakuake to Ctrl-q (which with caps lock as control is easy to hit) drops down this screenshot of terminals available all nicely labeled.


Mackenzie said...

So many KDE users! Or is Yakuake really so much better than Tilda?

@eric: Brings one more app...where? Perhaps it's because I work with most apps fullscreened in their workspace and don't have anywhere to minimize them to (no bottom bar, they just disappear on minimize and I alt+tab them back), but I don't see any problem with more open windows.

Myth said...

I have yakuake installed side by side with tilda. I definitely prefer yakuake (Not that there's anything wrong with tilda.) I wouldn't say the number of yakuake posts was necesarily due to the number of KDE users posting.

I use yakuake in gnome and fluxbox as well as KDE. But perhaps when I'm home from work I'll be switching to terminator and then when I post people will assume I'm a gnome user. Irony. (I also installed kde on my ubuntu box rather than install kubuntu. Heresy.)

Leo said...

I've been using that feature in Emacs for a long time. is really useful, specially when I'm comparing codes.
of course you can use eshell, inside emacs and use Ctrl-x-3 for vertical divisions and Ctrl-x-2 for the horizontal ones. You will get the same effect.

Mackenzie said...

Yeah, you can use :split and then :!top or :!ls or whatever in vim as well, but if you don't want to keep everything running in one giant text editor session, having a terminal that just does it is nice.

Anonymous said...

There are both split views and tabs in Konsole. And (@felipe) you can do the same for web pages, files, and PDFs in Konqueror.

Deuce868 said...

I prefer yakuake that much over tilda, although to be fair, I've not tried tilda in Hardy since I installed it.

I'm a fan of best app available. Gnome is my desktop, but yakuake, kdesvn/kompare (when I need some svn diff work) are pretty nice and I run them.