16 June 2008

Easter Eggs

So, in the last couple days, Ellie at the Pink C has written about the presence of the コナミ-Code in Google Reader and Lifehacker had a Top 10 Software Easter Eggs. However, they missed out on a couple of neat Linux ones. So, here are the ones I'd like to add to the list of Easter Eggs.

  • In GNOME, open a runbox (Alt+F2 is default), and type in (without quotes) "free the fish". Run "killall gnome-panel" to get back out of this one (don't worry, your panel will restart)
  • In a terminal, run "apt-get --help". See that last line? Now try "apt-get moo"
  • In a terminal, run "aptitude --help". See the last line? Do you really believe it? Try "aptitude moo". Do you really believe that? Try making it a bit more verbose.
  • From the Linux Tutorial Blog: In a GNOME runbox, try "gegls from outer space" for a harder version of Space Invaders than the one found in OpenOffice.org

So other than these and the ones on Life Hacker, any other Easter Eggs you all know of in Linux apps?

EDIT: Oh, right, and then there was the Firefox Easter Eggs list last week too.


Anonymous said...

Go - Clear History in the file browser has a chance to display a special message.

Mez said...

don't forget to make aptitude more and more verbose when telling it to moo

Oh, and er - obligatory link


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