26 September 2008

5-A-Day on Ubuntu UK

The most recent episode of the Ubuntu UK Podcast has a segment on 5-A-Day beginning about halfway through. I'd like to highlight this part of the conversation:

Dave: "If 5-A-Day is manageable, why have in the last 7 days there been only 35 people who've actually submitted bugs to the 5-A-Day project?"

Alan: "How'd you measure that?"

Dave: "Ah, Daniel Holbach's 5-A-Day stat page."

Alan: "Well, I haven't done any today because I spent most of the day in the pub."

Dave: "What I'm getting at is, the Ubuntu community is vast, why in the last 7 days is there only 35 people working on it?"

Ciemon: "Because it's too hard."

Alan: "No, it's not. It's not."

Right, so, I agree with Alan. It's not hard. As they note in podcast, there are plenty of wiki pages to help you out. Come on, give it a try. Why not start on the newest bugs? If you see something without a package, well, you could find the right package and assign it. If you see a bug you recognize, confirm it. If you can add more information, do so. If you see missing information, the wiki's got plenty of information on what data needs to be added, and those default responses can come in handy. If you speak something other than English, why not translate a bug report into English? You can also improve the titles and descriptions of bugs. There's guaranteed to be something you can do.

Oh, and don't forget about Hug Days. On Hug Days, you get a hug for every bug you hug. Get together with a friend, and triage together. Today's is Update Manager. The Hug Day runs throughout the entire time that it's that Thursday in any timezone. The 5-A-Day application has support for adding tags, and every Hug Day has a tag. Oh, and Hug Days are every Thursday, so join in!

Tags can also be used for Bug Jams. Why not organize a Bug Jam with your LoCo team? Set up a custom tag for your Bug Jam. And even when you're not doing a Bug Jam, well, you can add a team to your 5-A-Day settings, and then in the stats page linked above you and your local team both get credit.

Come on, everybody. Let's try to get the "Top 50" lists for the week and the day to both actually contain 50 names!

Of course, there's no reason to stop at only 5 bugs a day…even if the .signature output thing only lists 5 ;)

My 5 today: #274605 (firefox-3.0), #274608 (xserver-xorg-video-intel), #274582 (ubuntu), #274624 (brasero), #274616 (usplash)
Do 5 a day - every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day

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