11 September 2008

Its name is... (Planet Ubuntu meme)

I've mentioned it before, but hey I'll follow along with the current Planet meme (it has jumped from Planet Debian to Planet Ubuntu), which is to give the naming scheme of your computers. So, my naming scheme, like his, is for female names. Specifically, my computers are female computer scientists. I have:

  1. Ada, after Lady Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace, commonly referred to as Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer
  2. Grace, after Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, most famous for removing a moth from the Mark II computer, secondarily for handing out "picoseconds" and "nanoseconds," but most importantly for inventing the compiler
  3. Betty, after both Betty Jean Jennings and Betty (Snyder) Holberton, both of whom programmed the first digital computer, ENIAC


kozaru said...

I used to use mythological figures, either gods or beasts, whatever sounded cool.
Recently I got a high-specced Dell laptop, with a blue lid, so I called it deepblue.

Rusty said...

When I worked for one telco, I was the first person who joined a particular group. I got to pick the theme for naming our computers. Since we had shared ownership with a major movie company I was able to name my own computer Bagheera. (I'll leave determining the name of the movie company and theme as an exercise for the reader.)

At home I first named computers based on function, Alfred was the computer which did most of the work. George was the low level, back end system, etc. For a while I went with 'cats' names, and reused Bagheera as well as Tony. The PVR is over built with storage, memory, video capture, and hooks into just about everything, so it became Beast. The stand alone front end I had for a while subsequently became Beauty. At least in part because it was 'simple' in comparison, though very capable.

To distinguish between my two Samsung printers, one is Sammy, the other is Samantha. No theme other than using the Sam from Samsung.

Not a lot of originality on some of the newer computers (yes I have more) but they do get their own names. The eee pc is named Rusteee. The Acer laptop became Ace. And so on. Not really interested in renaming everything though.

MrCorey said...

I used to use the name of garden plants because I changed the Windows Workgroup name to "Garden" instead of "MShome" or "Workgroup". Now, I usually have some mad scientis reference, because most of my computers have been cobbled together from spare parts. This one is "Frankenputer", because its been made of the most spare parts and its a surprise that "ITS ALIVE!"

Troy said...

I use Battlestar Galactica to name my computers. The old, reliable one is Galactica, the faster, newer laptop is Pegasus, and the file server is Basestar.

Patrick said...

I have used Wizard/Sorcerer names from fantasy books I've read. I have a storage box named Merlin, a workstation named Zeddicus, and my laptop is named Belgarath.

I'm gonna have to add some more later.

Joe said...

I change my scheme every so often, but currently I am on an anime kick.

I used Cowboy Bepop for my names. Bepop is the network/samba workgroup.

Then the PC/Servers are Spike, Jet, Faye, Ed, Ein, and then used lesser characters in the show for what was left. I will be adding a new desktop soon, so maybe time to change to something new

jobias said...

I'm a huge fan of the Metroid video game series, so all of my computers are named after locations in the games:

My Windows gaming computer is Tourian, my Macbook is Brinstar, my Ubuntu netbook is Phendrana and my Ubuntu desktop is Norfair. My older (now defunct) computers were Crateria and Maridia.

Mike said...

I don't really have a naming scheme but my current notebook is called "Red Queen". Can you guess which movie that was in?