09 September 2008

Reminder: Sept 11 == Hug Day!

Brian Murray sent out the next Hug Day announcement today. The target this time is confirmed bugs that aren't assigned to a package. The list of 50 bugs being attacked is on the wiki. Even if you've never triaged before, don't worry, the wiki includes instructions for what to do for the Hug Day. Oh, and don't forget the part where you get a hug for every bug you work on! Get together with friends and have a Hug Day bug triaging party.

And hey, this is a chance to really boost your 5-A-Day. Don't forget to add the hugday-20080911 tag!

Bug work doesn't have to be confined to Hug Days, of course. Have you seen the pie chart on Launchpad's Ubuntu Bug page? Let's get cracking on shrinking those New and Incomplete sections.

1 comment:

fichissimo said...

Since the world will end on Sept. 12, hugging on 11th seems appropriate