02 September 2008

Stephen Fry says "Happy Birthday" to GNU

Check it out! Actor and writer Stephen Fry is explaining Free Software and GNU/Linux. He makes a nice little analogy in there too. I find it rather interesting the method they use to show the video. It's an open source Java applet that asks where to put temporary internet files (defaults to /tmp so you can just OK it) and then plays a video in I-don't-know-what format, but it works quite well using just OpenJDK.


Nikolas Coukouma said...

It's Theora+Vorbis in a tasty Ogg wrapper.

Erm, per the multiple NDAs I (among many others) am bound by, not all scientific knowledge is free. It's very sad, but true.

bawjaws said...

It's not just a java wrapper.

It's a plugin that the Wikipedia folks have developed. It can play back via Java (using Fluendo's Cortado Applet) but it can also use Quicktime (assuming you install the codec), Browser plugin (via VLC) or Browser native playback (Mozilla nightlies and Opera previews, probably a few webkit based linuxes too).

Unfortunately the Wikipedia folks currently have it set to use the Java stuff by default and
a) it's not actually the best way to experience (and therefore promote Ogg Theora and Vorbis)
b) they include instructions on how to install the VLC plugin but not how to then use it.

To use the different playback options click on the more.. link at the bottom left of the video.

Anonymous said...

You'll find that the "where do you want to save the temporary files" seems actually to be from the Ubuntu Free Java. I noticed this myself on other sites, and found that switching to the Sun Java stopped the "temporary location" showing up.

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