18 October 2008

A Couple of Links

I was just reading through ZaReason's news page, and I saw a link to Linux is Making Me Fat and Lazy by Carla Shroder, a woman I know from LinuxChix. I found it rather amusing. The other thing I saw that stood out was What Dell Can Learn From ZaReason. I think the writer makes a good point, because having to wait months after a release to get the newest Ubuntu from Dell is rather annoying. Maybe they don't even start testing until after release? ZaReason tests unstable to watch out for regressions, though just in case they missed it, I did email them about Bug 276990, which would affect the laptop I bought from them. I'm hoping they let other customers who bought a laptop with the same wireless card know about that bug before Intrepid releases if it's still there at release time. So you don't have to go look, it's that the Intel 4965's new driver (iwlagn) causes kernel panics. Yuck. Though, I do really love that I have an Ubuntu key on my laptop. I was teasing the guys at the Ubuntu table at OLF about the fact that the System76 laptops they had out had Windows keys, though that bug has been fixed apparently.

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Anonymous said...

cool! they have a German office! i should have known that when i bought my mom a vista-laptop and changed that to ubuntu intrepid beta.