29 October 2008

Intrepid Update FAQ

Last time, I did a FAQ for Hardy upgrades. I may not be running Intrepid on hardware, but I've been reading a lot of bugs and have an Intrepid VM. So, here are some of the things you might need to know.

  1. When will it be released?
    • While it is 30 Oct in at least one timezone
  2. How should I download it?
    • Torrents! They take the load off of Canonical's servers
  3. How can I upgrade?
    • First, make sure you have all your updates. Then if you want to upgrade from the command line, run sudo do-release-upgrade. If you want to use the GUI, gksu "update-manager -c"
  4. Where's OpenOffice.org 3?
    • Its release date slipped too far, and after FF3 in Hardy, they decided maybe they ought not to ship unfinished major software again. But, if you want it, you can add the OpenOffice.org Scribblers PPA.
  5. If I want to have the encrypted ~/Private directory I heard about, what do I need to do?
    • This option is only available when installing using the Alternate CD. It's not on the Live CD. If you're upgrading or use the Live CD to install, there are instructions for setting it up.
  6. How's Flash?
    • Flash 10 has issues with Qt. It only works on some sites (Bug #262693). For everyone else, the combination of Flash 10 and the configuration files that Intrepid sets up should work fine. You can remove libflashsupport now (since it's known to cause instability). If for some reason you don't have sound with Flash in Ubuntu, make sure you have libasound2-plugins installed. Log out and back in, and it should work.
  7. Why isn't my Atheros card working?
    • there are a few drivers available. One requires a new version of the wireless stack, so including it by default would break everything else. That one works on some hardware. The default one included works on other hardware. Neither works on all of them, though, so that's fun. If yours doesn't work (hint: it seems netbooks with Atheros chips are very likely to be affected), you need to install linux-backports-modules-intrepid
  8. How's 802.11n?
    • If you're using an Intel 4965, you need to install linux-backports-modules-intrepid. You'll get kernel panics if you don't. Once you've got that, it should work. Though there has been one report that kernel panics still occur, just much less frequently.
  9. What happened with Broadcom?
    • Canonical contracted a closed-source driver from Broadcom for the few Broadcom wireless cards that don't work with b43 and required ndiswrapper. They should be able to work now, after enabling the driver in Jockey.
  10. Any bugs Nvidia and ATI users need to be aware of?
    • You probably can't suspend.
  11. How's tablet support?
    • Ugh. You can make them work, but it'll take work. See, there were big changes to make it so that HAL handles all input. The only trouble is, we're kind of right in the middle of it. When HAL's done being made all super awesome, it'll be…well, super awesome. Work's being done on using HAL for hotplugging input devices. So, my understanding is that evdev handles things by default for HAL. Then you need a .fdi file to tell HAL exactly what to do with that device. Unfortunately, the wacom driver really fails here. It needs to be initialized over and over for all the different functionality. HAL can't do that yet. In the meantime, you can still setup your Wacom in xorg.conf just like you used to. It'll just act like a stylus by default.(source)
  12. Why is my Places menu launching applications instead of opening Nautilus?
    • Right click a folder, go to Properties -> Open With, and change it back to Nautilus. There's a bug where if a folder is opened in an application, it automatically associates folders with that application on your system.
  13. What's the biggest UI change?
    • The logout button has been subsumed by the fast-user-switch-applet (FUSA). At first, it'll show your name and the power icon. When you login to Pidgin or Empathy, it'll show your current status. I recommend changing Pidgin's "Show system tray icon:" setting to "only on new messages" to avoid having the "Available" icon showing up double. You can change your Pidgin/Empathy status using the FUSA, switch users, or choose one of the other options that drops down to logout, reboot, shutdown, etc.
  14. Why aren't we using Empathy like upstream GNOME?
    • After some extensive usability testing, it was decided that both had issues, but Empathy had more issues with usability, so Pidgin has been kept for one more release. Assuming those usability issues are fixed up in the next few months, Empathy should be in Jaunty.
  15. What's the coffee stain on the wallpaper?

You can also read the complete Intrepid Release Notes.

NOTE: Please install your updates immediately after installing Intrepid! A bug was found where Ubiquity installs the kernel with 666 permissions, meaning anybody on the system can mess with the installed kernel. There is an update ready-and-waiting to fix this.


Robb Tolli said...

What are the issues with flash 10 and Kubuntu? I upgraded to Kubuntu Intrepid release candidate over the weekend, and have had no problem with flash 10.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I thought it was already made clear that there is no reason to mess with joystick fdi-files anymore. There is an update coming which fixes evdev on 64bit platforms so that they'll refuse to use evdev for joysticks (like it has been for x86 all along). Unfortunately, the package didn't make it to the release.

Mackenzie said...

Oh, great! So...what do you do instead? Do they work out of the box after the update goes through, or do you have to set them up in xorg.conf or what?

Mackenzie said...

On some sites with Flash 10 and KDE, everything's fine. On others, Flash just doesn't work. Since Flash 9 pretty much works on all sites, it's best to stick with it.

See Bug #262693

piju said...

nice blog

jblackhall said...

That's great news about the broadcom drivers. I wasn't aware of that. Kudos to Canonical for that. Are they able to contribute them upstream and/or did they?

jblackhall said...

Oh, btw, the link you posted for instructions on setting up Encryped Private Directory actually points to the blueprint page. It might be better to link here:

Mackenzie said...

Thanks, updated the link.

And I don't know about the Broadcom/Canonical agreement.

okubax said...

is there any way to make pidgin not close everytime i click on the close button cause' i dont want to have the "available" icon showing up double. I have already changed Pidgin's "Show system tray icon" setting to "only on new messages" ?

onionbhajee said...

whoa, thats kind of a big bug if the installer gives the kernel 666 permissions...

Vinit said...

Nice info about fast-user-switch-applet (FUSA).

Minhaaj said...

sound sucks. My mic won't work and it won't even save the configurations. I teach online and it has messed up the whole OS. thats really gross.

Mackenzie said...

Well, sound in Linux has been a big mess for quite a long time now. Did the mic work in Hardy but fail in Intrepid? If so, please file a bug at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+filebug with the information from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems You can also join #ubuntu-audio-help and we can try to figure out if it's a simple configuration issue or if it's a really a driver bug.

earn online said...

i already have the ubutu.......

nice info ,,,

but using from past 3 years withnoerrors...

Simon McNair said...

Hate to say this but isn't "I may not be running Intrepid on hardware, but I've been reading a lot of bugs and have an Intrepid VM" a bit inaccurate ? Surely even though you're running it in a VM, you're STILL running it in hardware. It still has access to a cpu, ram a virtual Hdd...etc ;-) Just being picky and facetious.