30 November 2008

New Licensing on the Blog

A while back, I found that someone was copying all of my posts to their own ad-laden site with no linkbacks. I put up some license terms at the time saying quoting and translating with linkbacks were fine, and aggregators are fine, but copying the whole thing without a linkback isn't cool. Well, I'm in the middle of writing a paper for school including a large chunk on licensing, and as I was looking for information on the GPL/CC anti-DRM clause incompatibilities, I realized there was a Creative Commons license I could use to get across what I actually wanted. If you look at the bottom of the page, you'll now see a CC-BY-NC-SA icon (ironically, the same license under which that site was relicensing without permission...though they were kind of breaking the NC part). If you click that link you'll get the official version, but essentially:

  • BY: Attribution (give me a linkback)
  • NC: Non-Commercial (don't copy it for the ad revenue)
  • SA: Share-Alike (derivatives, such as by quoting or translating, are fine with me)

I did make an exception for photos with people in them, though. Since I'd prefer, for privacy's sake, that photos of my family & friends not be spread all over the place (I really don't think my mom wants to become an internet meme), those are staying under plain ol' copyright.

1 comment:

dadgadjohn said...

I think this is a good idea. So at the risk of appearing to be a copycat, I added a license to mine as well.

People have been lining up to steal my ideas...NOT!