14 November 2008

Washington, DC - Intrepid Installfest - TONIGHT

As usual, we're having an installfest for th new Ubuntu release. Also as usual, it's being hosted by GW ACM with many of the helpers coming from the DC Ubuntu LoCo Team.

  • What: Installfest for Ubuntu 8.10
  • Why: In case you need/want help
  • Who: Anybody interested in trying Linux
  • Where: George Washington University (Foggy Bottom metro)
    CS Dept Conference Room
    Phillips Hall, 7th Floor
    22 & H NW
  • When: 6pm, Fri 14 Nov


dadgadjohn said...

How did it go?

Mackenzie said...

Pretty well. There were a couple machines that would error mid-install. It seems they may have had dying hard drives though. There was a slow-start since we couldn't get into the room to setup beforehand. Other than that, installs pretty much all worked out-of-the-box.