02 December 2008

Jaunty users: Can you test these?

I've got two patches that I need to have tested on Jaunty. One has a deb. One is just in a branch.

  1. As a new user, test Pidgin from my PPA. For a new user, it should default to only showing the icon in the notification area for new messages. Check in Tools->Preferences. The reason is to keep it from duplicating the icon that's in the Fast User Switch Applet, as noted in Bug 273220. In that bug, it is recommended that Pidgin be changed, so that is Bug 290552.
  2. The last thing to test is the Fast User Switch Icon that I have in bzr. It's for Bug 291846, specifically the part about the lack of tooltips. It's linked in the bug.

Sorry I can't test these myself, but until Jaunty is rebased to 2.6.28 or someone figures out how to make my wireless card play nice (read: not kernel panic) with >2.6.24, I'm stuck on Hardy. Thank you to anyone that helps, though!

Oh, I do have one other question to ask though. To anyone using an ASUS Z37E-based laptop, such as the ZaReason UltraLapSR: after you suspend/resume or hibernate/resume in Intrepid or Jaunty, can you reboot? In Hardy it hangs on reboot. If it's fixed in the newer kernel, I won't bother filing a bug though.


(``-_-´´) -- BUGabundo said...

I have a Asustek S37S that is in many aspects similar to the asus z37.

I had lots of trouble with hibernation on hardy (only uwsupa fixed it) and suspend only started working again on jaunty.

Last week both stop working again.

need to get some free time to debug it.

Stoffe said...

So how does a user use the rest of pidgin? The icon is there for more reasons than just showing status, it provides access to all of the application. Much more important than any aesthetic concerns about duplication.

Mackenzie said...

The icon is duplicated, and the functionality is duplicated. The Fast User Switch Applet lets you set the status in there anyway.

Rickyniano said...

Stoffe is right: The status icon is the access point to all the application. You can't access to the buddy list using Fast User Switch Applet.

Without the Pidgin status icon, you must have the buddy list always opened.

Moreover, we are talking about Pidgin, but... what about any other IM? What about aMSN, Emesene, Gajim, Skype or Ekiga? All these programs are wrong? All they need to be fixed in order to not having a status icon?

IMHO, this is not the right direction.

Mackenzie said...

Yes, they're all broken :D


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Anonymous said...

The patched pidgin packages in your PPA work well for me with Jaunty in VirtualBox. There are packages in the repositories for 2.6.28 now although, if your wireless card is your only way to connect to the net, you may wish to wait for Alpha 2.

Stoffe has a good point. Maybe the solution is another menu item in the Fast User Switch Applet that brings up the buddy list. I suppose in the meantime if anyone wants the old behavior they can set it in the preferences of Pidgin.

Also, the link to your PPA gives a 404 error. Did you mean https://launchpad.net/~maco.m/+archive ?

Mackenzie said...

Another idea I want to talk to FreeDesktop.org about is a standard API across IM clients so that they can all agree on one actual *applet* instead of all implementing independent non-notification notification icons.

Yeah, apparently I missed kernel-team email. I saw one just before this post mentioning rebasing, but I thought it was discussion about doing so *soon*...when apparently it had just happened. That laptop is in the shop at the moment, however.

Yeah, the link is at the bottom of the page too though. I can't update the link in the text without it popping back up to the top of the RSS feed :-/