29 January 2009

Washington, DC Events/News

We've got two events coming up in the Washington, DC area. Anyone's invited.

KDE 4.2 Release Party LinuxChix Meetup

OK, this one's for ubuntu-women. Shmoocon's coming up again, so once again DC LinuxChix and other LinuxChix that happen to be in town will be meeting up. More info later as we decide which lunch/dinner break of the conference will be our meetup time. All that's clear so far is that it'll be between Feb 6—8 and we'll be going to a restaurant.

Bug Jam

We will be participating in the next Global Bug Jam.

  • Where: Gallaudet University, Student Academic Center / Student Union Building (SAC/SUB), Lower Level, Flex Rooms A and B
  • When: Feb 20, 1:30-6pm
  • Announcement: see mailing list posting
Other news

Finally, after a year and a half, we have access to the DC LoCo Team website again! Yay!

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