04 February 2009

I'm a traitor

I've been cheating on my desktop environment.

If you follow Planet Ubuntu, you saw Celeste's post about the KDE 4.2 release party. And yes, I'm in the photos. Scott Kitterman's trying to show me how to set what kind of window switcher I want when I hit Alt+Tab in KDE in one of the photos.

Yeah, I'm a traitor. As of last Friday, about 4 hours before the release party, I'm a KDE user. Scott actually said to me on IRC after that post about Ctrl+Alt+Backspace that I sound like a KDE user, so then I decided to attempt to get KDE working on my machine (deleting my ~/.kde fixed the problem I was having). I'm still using a bunch of GNOME apps, but I'm doing it inside KDE. While KDE still has the ability to overwhelm me with its options, 4.2 is definitely an improvement over 3.5, presenting many options in ways that are at least easier for me to parse.

I'm sticking to the same apps I use in GNOME for a couple reasons. They're the Devils I Know, and some I have a sort of investment in (transferring data would be annoying). Besides, if I switch back to GNOME, I'd prefer not to have to re-transfer the data.

I know Evolution doesn't let me choose which IMAP folder to use for Trash on each account like KMail does, but KMail crashes a lot in Jaunty (understandable, but annoying) and blocks all open tabs when loading a new view in only one of them. Evolution lets me have a bunch of signatures. Plus, all my data's in Evolution Data Server right now. Oh, the integration between EDS and the panel applets is something I'm missing. Celeste says it should be fairly straight-forward to implement a Plasmoid to handle it through Akonadi, just nobody's done it yet. I'd kind of like to figure out a way to let Akonadi and EDS talk to each other so I can switch mail clients, address books, and calendars without having to export and import a bunch of data. I do really like that KMail, KOrganizer, and KAddressBook are all separate apps with a unified backend, though. Evolution's monolithic UI annoys me.

Kopete, like Empathy, forces groups in the buddy list to be arranged alphabetically, something I do not want, so I'm sticking to Pidgin. Yes, I'm still using Firefox and Terminator.

I did try Amarok. I'm still not a fan of that sideways row of tabs, but I like the way queued songs are displayed on the Collection view. Maybe I can get used to that row of tabs just for that. If it lets me shuffle the queue (haven't tried yet), I'm sold. GNOME's refusal to let Rhythmbox shuffle the queue is really annoying. I'll have to see how it handles copying to my iAudio as well, but really, Dolphin's enough for that.

I really like the new KMenu and KRunnner. The filter search list is nice. I'm not as impressed with the panel. It'd be nice to be able to have a gap between plasmoids, an expanding separator. I can't figure out how to change the panel's background either.

Oh, and does anyone know what the difference between "Focus Follows Mouse" and "Focus Under Mouse" is? I know I don't want "Click to Focus," and we figured out at the party that "Focus Strictly Under Mouse" means that moving the mouse to the desktop makes the app lose focus. Those other two seem to be the same though. That'd be one of those "oh no, KDE is asking me questions with options that I don't understand" things. I don't mind having lots of options, just as long as I know what the heck they do.


Steven Harms said...

With the focus thing, I agree the brief description isn't that clear. Hope this helps:

Focus follows mouse

To change the focus of a window, simply place the mouse pointer over the window. If the mouse pointer is then moved to an area of the desktop without another window, the last window retains the focus.

Focus under mouse

The window under the mouse, has the focus. If, however, the mouse pointer is in an area of the desktop that has no windows, no window will be active.

Mackenzie said...

Hi Sharms:
What you described for Focus Under Mouse is what Focus Strictly Under Mouse does. Focus Under Mouse seems to act just like Focus Follows Mouse though.

Dread Knight said...

Hello and welcome to the 'dark side'.

I started out my linux journey with ubuntu/gnome, but after my hdd crashed and i only had kubuntu live cd's i ran it for about 1 week while i got to get a new hdd. At first i fucking hated it, it was kde 3.5 or something... but after a while i realized that's rather superior to gnome and started loving it. Now i'm using 4.2 (intrepid) and it's the best DE ever, but i'll still using some gnome or kde3 apps, like pidgin, firefox, konversation.
I don't see the point in running jaunty. I usually tend to be a bleeding edge user... so i'll just consider jaunty a piece of crap for now since it's alpha and don't see the point of it. Last time i tried kubuntu jaunty a few weeks ago, things didn't went too well and it didn't even booted in a couple of seconds like i expected in the first place.. heh :D

gribelu said...

From the manual (Help button in System Settings)

Focus Follows Mouse
Moving the mouse pointer actively over a normal window activates it. New windows such as the mini command line invoked with Alt+F2 will receive the focus, without you having to point the mouse at them explicitly.
In other window managers, this is sometimes known as “Sloppy focus follows mouse”.

Focus Under Mouse
The window that happens to be under the mouse pointer becomes active. If the mouse is not over a window (for instance, it's on the desktop) the last window that was under the mouse has focus. New windows such as the mini command line invoked with Alt+F2 will not receive the focus, you must move the mouse over them to type.

Focus Strictly Under Mouse
Similar to Focus Under Mouse, but even more strict with its interpretation. Only the window under the mouse pointer is active. If the mouse pointer is not over a window, no window has focus. New windows such as the mini command line invoked with Alt+F2 will not receive the focus, you must move the mouse over them to type.

Notice "Moving the mouse pointer actively" for Focus Follows Mouse.

Cheers and welcome to KDE 4 :)

(``-_-´´) -- BUGabundo said...

I'm a gnome user, but i use lots of KDE apps.
Cant live without kmail, and it is much stable now (bugging me is just the crash related to deleting a thread).
You can have as many signatures you want in Kmail.
For music i use Exaile

Jake said...

Ironically, up until 8.10 I was using Kubuntu with KDE 3.5, but switched over to GNOME when they made the jump to 4.

Can you remove the blobbity-bit in the upper righthand corner yet? I really missed how I could configure everything in 3.5, and having that plasmoid icon thing stuck on my desktop was the most visible reminder of that.

Anonymous said...

I'm running Rhythmbox 0.11.6, r6096 from SVN, which I rebuilt to try the latest libgpod on Fedora 10. It does now allow you to shuffle the Play Queue.

Mackenzie said...

Yeah, that's the crash that's getting me.

Lock widgets and it goes away.

They gave in?!


Dread Knight said...

Argh, my kashew doesn't goes away if i lock the widgets....

Mackenzie said...

Dread Knight:
Yeah, I'm wrong. It just looked like it went away because my panel's at the top. The "kashew" (as you called it) is definitely much bigger than my panel so it *should* be visible below it (and was on Friday...), but it's not for some reason.

Jonas said...

@Dread Knight,

It's possible to get rid of the kashew, but you have to install an extra 3rd-party plasmoid for it.


biophysics said...

In KDE you can always use "?" on the window decorations for help.

If explains "Focus follows mouse" & "Focus strictly under mouse"...

Steve Tose said...

I haven't switched from 4.1 yet (except my Windows PC where even plasma works mostly well). I mostly use Yakuake and eterm but I just installed Terminator since you mentioned it and it looks pretty cool.

Have you tried Kate/KWrite yet? I love Kate. I'm looking forward to trying out its new vi mode!

klaatu said...

welcome to KDE! are you a traitor, or have you merely enlightened? eh, maybe both, but either way, KDE is more fun.