20 February 2009

Scanning multipage documents in XSane

I have a flatbed scanner (part of my printer). I had no idea it was possible to scan a multipage document in Xsane. For a pull-through, sure, maybe, those can go through a stack of pages on their own. But a flatbed? Every time I've tried this before, I scanned individual pages, saved them as images, put them into an Open Office Writer document with one image per page, then saved that as a PDF. There's a better way!

So here's what you do. In the XSane window where you choose color/greyscale, gamma, brightness, etc, at the top there's a dropdown that defaults to Viewer. Change that to Multipage. A new window will open called "xsane multipage project." Choose the "New Project" button. Back to that first window, hit the Scan button. The scanner will do its part, and a page will be listed in the project window. Swap in a new sheet of paper and hit the Scan button again. Repeat until you've scanned all you need. If you scanned them out of order, use the arrow buttons on the project window to rearrange them. You can also delete any pages you don't need. The Show Image button lets you preview an individual page. The default output format is PDF, so just click the "Save multipage file" button at the bottom of the Project window when you're done.

This makes things so much easier.


Christoph Langner said...

`sudo apt-get install gscan2pdf` this makes scanning multiple pages and saving them as PDF even more easier :)

Stephen said...

Damn. You beat me to it. I love gscan2pdf!

Eddy said...

Well, you can also convert (I use "convert") all your images to pdf and then use pdftk to merge them in a single pdf with a single command.

Clapico said...

Hello, I'm French and I like to translate some of your posts in my blog.
Thank you for this

Dallas Dal said...

This gscan2pdf program is Awesome it works Great Much better then Xsane for scanning multiple pages into one PDF or other document file. Xsane is too complicated to use if you are doing more then just scanning a single page to save it as a document file. When I used Xsane to try and scan multiple pages into a single file it would always just save each page scanned as septate files and I could not figure out how to tell it to save them all as one file with multiple pages and if you have more then 1 printer
Gscan2pdf is better for making a copy of something one less step then Xsane with Xsane you have to first scan a page and then save it and then locate the file on you hard drive to load it into document viewer and then print it or first change the printer you want to print to as the default printer in printers and then use the copy option in Xsane adding a printer in Xsane is a pain and I could not get it to work it will only print to what is set as the default printer.